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We look for asymmetric value-adds with our potential properties. We buy apartments who have "good bones" that can appreciate rapidly with a few minor tweaks. When you join a CoVest Ventures offering, you can be confident you are getting one of the best value-per-dollar on a commercial investment.

Faster Equity Appreciation

Ride our asymmetric value-add process to multiply your equity faster than other opportunities.

Control Your Valuation

Unlike residential real estate, Commercial apartments are valued like a business based on Net Operating Income.

Amazing Tax Advantages

Help offset burdensome income taxes leveraging your investor status and our tax accounting processes.

Become A Truly Passive Investor

Get off the hamster wheel owner-operator investing and finally become a true passive investor.

126 Units in Twin Cities, MN
Closed December 2023

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24 Units in Burnsville, MN
Closed July 2022

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239 Units in League City, TX
Closed in October 2022

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125 Units in League City, TX
Closed in April 2023

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32 Units in Conroe, TX
Closed October 2021

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89 Units in Seabrook, TX
Closed April 2022

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